Kloud beer was born by world’s leading métier in liquor manufacturing, Lotte Chilsung
under the umbrella of Lotte Group, with proud heritage of original brewery dating back to 1926.
Our recent harvest Kloud is the labor of utmost dedication to brew the perfect ‘real’ beer
combined with perseverance in original brewing recipe with the best quality ingredients.
It is only fair for us to share so beloved Kloud beer with the rest of the world.

Original Gravity

Formulated with a traditional German beer brewing style, that this Water Free brewing style delivers the original showcase of a RICH SMOOTH TASTE with a delicate FROTHY HEAD.

100% Malt

An all malt beer crafted with the world's best Hallertau hops from Hallertau which is from the Bavaria region in Germany.

Multi Hoping System

Kloud is proudly processed by Modern Manufacturing method that injects superior aroma Hops in several multi-phases to enhance a more deep & rich flavor.

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